Kuusamon Erä-Safari Ltd / Kuusamo Safaris, Kotatie 1, 93830 Rukatunturi, Finland Tel. +358 (0)400 326 690 E-mail: info at kuusamosafaris.fi, www.kuusamosafaris.fi
Fishing safari in lake Petäjälampi There is hardly a lake, pond, river or stream in Kuusamo with no fish in them. In deep waters of lake Petäjälampi its natural inhabitants of pike and perch are joined by grayling, powan and salmon introdused to the lake. Here you have every possibility of a fine catch! The easiest way to begin a family fishing trip is to hire fishing equipment from Kuusamo Safaris, a fishing rod for the younger ones and spinning rod for grown ups. Duration: 4 hours Price: 25 € /person Price includes: Rowing boat, life jacket, fishing or spinning rod, licence to fis on the lake Petäjälampi, insurance and VAT Additional charge: Have your catch smoked for you 5€ /fish (the fish are cleaned, prepared, smoked and packed to take away with you) NOTE! There is a quota of 2 fish only of either grayling, powan and salmon per each fishing permit.
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