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Elk, brown bear and wildfowl hunting with a hound NOTE! Bear and moose hunters are required to pass a shooting test and they have to have an valid hunting examination. The person also has to have a certificate which states that he has a licence for carrying the firearm in question. You find more information: http://www.riista.fi/riistafi/riistaen/ Season: Elk: 24.9 - 15.12. Brown bear: 20.8. - 31.10 (or until the prey quota is filled in the area of reindeer breeding) Wildfowl:10.9. - 31.10 Duration: 3-7 days Group size : 3-6 persons Price: Ask for an offer! Price includes: Licence of hunting the elk, brown bear and wildfowl, guide + hunting dog, accommodation, meal, coffee, transfer, insurance and VAT Probability of prey : Prey quota Location: In the area of Kuusamo
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