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White water rafting adventure for families There are series of seven grade I - III rapids on the Käylä - Juuma trip. The route begins in the small village of Käylä, soon reaching the Käyläkoski rapids (I). These rapids are an ideal introduction to white water rafting and give a taste of things to follow. The rapids give way to more quiet waters, which we cross with the help of an outboard engine to reach the Vähän- Käylä rapids (I). The third rapids to follow are twisting, s-shaped yet easy-going Vääräkoski rapids (I). Then follow the more demanding grade II rapids where you enjoy the increasing speed of faster flowing water. Last but by no means least are end the trip at Harjakoski rapids. Shooting these are grade III rapids you really feel the pulling strength of surging water. At the end of the trip we arrive in the Juuma camping centre. ROUTE MAP Duration: 2 hours Length of journey: 14 km (8,7 miles) Group size: Minimum 3 persons, maximum 50 persons Tour rating: Easy, suitable for families, age limit 5 years, 7 grade I-III rapids, vertical drop 17 metres Price: 30 € /adult, 20 € /child (aged 5 to 12 years) Price include: Rubber raft and equipment, insurance and transfers between Juuma and Käylä, VAT Great rapids adventure from Juuma to Pähkänäkallio The great rapids adventure begins slowly but soon the first rapid Niskakoski (grade III) speed up the exhilarating journey. Even a bigger challenge is followed by the The Myllykoski falls (grade IV) which begin with a vertical drop of 5 metres/16,5 feet along a 50 metres’ journey. Following the shoot at the Myllykoski rapids we enter the gently flowing part of the river in Oulanka national park area where the unique nature of the region provide a good impression of original wildlife hardly touched for centuries. There are numerous species of birds and rare vegetation (such as calypso and lady’s-slipper orchid). Along the 900 metres /0,5 miles long Aallokkokoski rapids the crew have to work seamlessly together. Huge breaker waves rise up against the raft while the river drops a total of 21 metres/67 feet. Here you really get to feel the power of surging water to be followed by an incredible sense of achievement. The raft is left to enter empty the awe-inspiring Jyrävä falls while the crew pass the rapids on foot on the riverbank. Watch from the shore how the river hammers the empty raft. Better be safe than sorry truly hits the mark here! Here we take a break to enjoy a refreshing drink of squash. Soon the trip continues in an easier pace along several grade I-II rapids. The river flows twisting between steep cliffs along long stretches of rapids. Depending on the level of the water you might not need to paddle at all. Instead, you can concentrate on admiring the dazzling view and artwork of nature. Along the route burrowed in a steep hill side there is a bear’s winter nest to be seen from the river. The adventure comes to an end at the Pähkänäkallio lean-to shelter where you can dry your clothes soaked by splashing water by an open fire. After a hard day’s rafting we light a campfire to fry exceptionally tasty Finnish sausages followed by coffee prepared in the traditional Finnish way. This is the time to admire the nature in all its glory and engrave these amazing Finnish summer memories upon your mind. Here in the tranquillity of wilderness both body and soul relax and you find all your worries fade into the gentle summer winds to be replaced by a feeling of calmness. After the outdoors snack there is a steep climb up the hill to vehicles taking us back to base. ROUTE MAP Duration: 3-4 hours Length of journey: 12 km Group size: Minimum 4 persons, maximum 40 persons Tour rating: Demanding (to attend the safari you have to be in good physical shape), age limit 18 years, rapid grading I-IV, vertical drop 80 metres Price: 60 € /person, age limit 18 years Price include: Rubber raft and equipment, insurance and transfers between Pähkänäkallio and Juuma, drink of squash, sausage, coffee and VAT Great rapids adventure from Juuma to Oulankajoki Beginning of the trip as above. After the great rapids the river slows down and the scenery grows more majestic by the minute while the raft follows the gentle flow of the river. As the raft glides past untouched nature the magical ambience of the river and the scenery is finally broken when the river joins the river Oulankajoki. From here onwards, golden beaches shining in the early evening light adorn the riverbanks. River Oulankajoki is a popular fishing ground and every now and then you spot somebody fly- fishing waving their hand at you in greeting. The meadows by the river are abundant with delicacies of the northern summer – wild strawberries and currants ripened by the sun, waiting to be picked. The adventure draws to an end close only 2 kilometres/1,2 miles from the Russian border where the raft is pulled ashore enjoying the beautiful summer night while waiting for a car to take you back. Duration: 5-6 hours Length of journey: 24 km Group size: Minimum 4 persons, maximum 40 persons Tour rating: Demanding, suitable for first timers (age limit 18 years), rapid grading I-IV, vertical drop 85 metres. Price: 75 € /person, age limit 18 years Price include: Rubber raft and equipment, insurance and transfers from Oulanka border region to Juuma, drink of squash, sausage, coffee and VAT
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